2019 CSBC Prayer Time

Theme: “j” Who is Jesus to you? 
Prayer - A deeper understanding of Jesus leads to a deeper and more intentions walk with Christ 

Overall Church prayer points:   

Gospel Conversations 
Church Volunteers
Church Growth 

Fasting - Daniel Fast

Full Fast on Wednesdays.
(fast breaks on Sundays) 

We will engage in a Daniel Fast. The Fast will consist of a vegetarian diet. See Insert: “Daniel Fast Foods to Avoid and Foods to Enjoy.” As Daniel fasted and prayed seeking God’s wisdom; we too will be seeking God’s wisdom and guidance. We realize you have unique issues that you will be laying before God’s throne; however, we ask in addition to your personal prayers that everyone read the Daily Scriptures emphasis provided in this pamphlet for your spiritual consumption.

Fasting Dates

The Fast will begin sunrise March 1, 2019 (Ash Wednesday is March 6) and end sundown April 21, 2019. The Fast will coincide with Lent and our days of prayer.  A little longer than lent. Lent is 40-Days. (Note: Sundays during a Lenten Fast are traditionally NOT fasting days because each Sunday during a Lenten Fast represents a “mini-Easter,” a celebration of Jesus' victory over sin and death).

Dietary Restrictions

The warning is always given to consult your physician first, especially if you take prescription medication or have a chronic ailment. Don’t ever jeopardize your health hindrances in order to fulfill the call to Fast. DON’T EVER FAST FROM YOUR MEDICATION. In fact, some persons should never Fast without professional supervision. The most important aspect of the Fast is your prayer life. You can pray without fasting, but you cannot Fast without praying. If you have dietary restrictions, make an attempt to find something you can give up for the glory of God.

Fasting Alternatives For Those With Dietary Restrictions

You can remove certain foods from your diet (i.e. fried foods, coffee, sweets, and sodas). You can also remove items of human pleasure that can result in a non-communicative moment with God such as TV, etc. In addition to the food Fast, all of us should be fasting from gossiping and idle chatter. We should be speaking life, love and encouragement to people every day of our existence on this earth.

Preparation For The Fast

Physical preparation makes the drastic change in your eating routine a little easier so that you can focus your full attention to the Lord in prayer. Before beginning the Fast, eat smaller meals the days leading up to the Fast. Avoid high-fat and sugary foods. Gradually begin to introduce raw fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating this way a few days prior to beginning the Fast will assist your body in its preparation.

Studying Scripture

As you study Scripture, approach the text with a few things. 

1 - Time. Give yourself time to be with God. The reason we fast is to create space for God in our lives. 

2 - Purpose. Have an intention for this entire time.  What do you need God to share with you? To Give you? To make clear to you? To remove? etc. 

As you read ask yourself these questions to help

1 - What does this text say About God? 

2 - What does this Scripture say about me? 

3 - What is God challenging me to do? 

Another way to study 

1 - What do I see in this scripture? 

2 - What do I smell in this scripture? 

3 - What do I hear in this scripture? 

4 - What do I feel in this scripture? 

5 - What is this challenging me to do?