Hiring: Pastoral Internship at Congdon Street

Nothing fancy happens in the Congdon Street Baptist Church (CSBC) pastoral internship program. We simply want to unveil regular, day-to-day ministerial life and provide those aspiring to be pastors with an ecclesiological and pastoral grid for doing the work of ministry. We attempt to answer the questions: 

-How should the church be organized? 
-Who should lead the church? 
-Does the Bible discuss church membership? 
-How does church polity affect the functionality of the local church? 

In addition to observing church life today, CSBC interns will spend much of their time engaging in conversation with great pastors and theologians from the past. Through these conversations and their interaction with our church’s life, interns will discover that we believe God’s church is the main sounding board of the gospel, but a sounding board that’s largely ignored in Christian circles today. Not only that, they will consider what it means to build a church, not according to the latest cultural waves or “whatever works,” but according to all that the Bible says about our life together as the local church. Praise God that his Word is not silent on matters of ecclesiology and pastoring.

If this is for you, Download the following application and submit it!