Nehemiah Devotional

As we Study the book of Nehemiah, below is a link to a 13 day devotional and images to share what Nehemiah is all about.

Devotional - Click Herel

The Big Idea 

When God gives us the idea to change something, it’s because he wants us to be a part of the solution. 

How Nehemiah Fits Into God’s Big Story

-Remembering what God’s done is essential to recognizing what God Can do

-Being a leader isn’t about competency and a title, but about influence and character

-We’ll do more and go further working than going at it alone. 

How Nehemiah Fits Into My Story

-We should pray hard, work hard, and celebrate often

-God’s voice is more powerful and more important that our critics’ voices

-When we pursue Jesus’ plan for our lives, we’ll face moments when we can choose easy or we can choose integrity