4 Things I wish I knew About God

In October at our 11:00am service we will study the book of Habbakkuk. Context makes a difference in conversation, but also when we read the Bible.

Click Here for a file that explains everything on the book of Habbakkuk.

What does Habbakuk teach us?

Main Scripture - The Just Shall Live By Faith - Hab 2:4

The Big Idea - God is not afraid of our doubts and questions

How Does this fit into God’s Story -
-God’s justice does not always look like what we expect, but He can be trusted.
-Even when circumstances seem chaotic, God Is still in control
-God wants what’s best for us, even if it hurts

How Does this fit into my Story -
-Understanding Everything is not a prerequisite for obedience
-Joy doesn’t come from our circumstances, but from being connected to God
-We want immediate results, but God brings change in the right time and in the right way