5 Ways to memorize Scripture

5 tips on memorizing scripture.

1 - Index cards
Write the scripture down on index cards. You remember more than what you say out loud and repeat. Write it on index cards and keep it with you.

2 - Write it where you will see it
post it cards in the bathroom
post it cards on your fridge
post it cards on your car
Anywhere you will read and engage scripture

3 - Make it personal by adding your name to the verse
Make the prayers of the scriptures personal by adding your personal touch into it. Put your name, your families names, your enemies names. Into the text. It will help memorization.

4 - Find a buddy
Friends make the world go round!!!! Add a friend to it. Challenge yourselves and each other. It will enhance your time as friends and your scripture memorization

5 - Find a memory app to download
Fighter verses
Scripture typer
both apps help you memorize scripture by utilizing your phone or tablet.