I Will Keep My Oil

Sermons from Pastor Justin

I will fight for me

A couple of questions I want you to answer before I start today

1 - What are you fighting for in your faith? 

2 - What are you fighting for in your family

3 - What are you fighting for in your fitness

4 - What are you fighting for in your finances. 

1st Samuel 16

Keep your oil. 

Partial obedience is complete disobedience.  

God tells Samuel to go to anoint David as the next King over Israel. 

Part 1 - What Keeps Us from Managing Our Oil Well? 

Fear - vs 1-4

Fear creates a prison where we are looking for reasons to say no to God. 

Who is your “Saul?”

Who is the person directing your life and isn’t invested in your life

Who is the person dictating your future and doesn’t care about your future

Who is the person disconnected from God telling you what to do with the oil God has on your life

If you are going to fight for your future you have to fight the power you have given Saul

Baggage vs 4

The only reason that Samuel took the calf was it represented his fear that Saul had more power over his life than God did.  

What sacrifices have you made that were unnecessary that could have helped the community you are currently in? Because of fear, what baggage are you carrying with you? 

What stories are you telling yourself about your enemies, who aren’t your enemies but God’s enemies excuse of their own disobedience that are keeping you from going to do what God has told you to do? 

Free yourself from someone else baggage

God always give protection after revelation 

Preferences vs 6

Just because something looks the part doesn’t mean it need to be a part of your life 

It may look good, but won’t look good on you!

Part 2 - How does Samuel Keep The oil Well? 

Samuel eventually gets to verse 13 and he pours the oil on David. 

1- Leave left places

If God isn’t there I don’t need to be there

2 - Don’t be a slave to limited Thinking 

Your Limits will not be my limits

3 - Release fear, embrace faith 

Only Samuel and the Lord knew that this anointing was for the king.  

Everyone else could assume. Samuel and the Lord knew.  Samuel did his job, and moved on.  

Samuel ends up teaching David

Samuel ends us training David

David becomes a pupil of Samuels. 

As much as tis represented the shifting of oil from Saul to David, It also meant that Samuel had more responsibility.  

Could it be the reason some of us are protecting our oil is that we don’t want the responsibility that revelation has given us. 

Let the oil flow.