Lessons From the Backseat - Part One

Sermons from Pastor Justin

Sermon Notes:

Lessons from the backseat

The challenge we have is to move form being the pilot or copilot and get in the backseat.

We cannot become until we believe.

When you create an altar there you are saying God fulfill your promise and Ill worship until it happens.

Solomon puts himself in the backseat.

Our community needs Jesus. NOT Solomon

Our community needs Jesus

Our children needs Jesus

We need Jesus to forgive us, our homes need Jesus. Our battles need Jesus. Our wounds need Jesus. Our future needs Jesus.

So Solomon says Church Lets get in the backseat and let the GLORY of God drive us.

Solomon had authority not because of his title, not because of who is father was, not because of how wise he was. Solomon Had authority because Solomon had a MY GOD testimony.

I'll trust My God more than I'll Trust Myself

You have public authority through private prayers.

If you are not talking to God to a MY GOD level privately, do not think you can engage with God in front of others publicly! Solomon had public authority because he had private worship, private, engagement, private wrestling, private talks.

Before Solomon even went into the people, Solomon says now MY GOD.

Now. My. God.

How strong is your personal relationship with God?

When you speak about Jesus, are you speaking from a position of authority because of your private wrestling with God? When you speak about the Lord are you speaking from a position of strength because of your private authority with God?

Heres the good news. God is available to each and every one of us.

He responds to those who diligently seek him. Look at how the writer of Hebrews says it

Because anyone who wants to approach God must believe both that he exists and that he cares enough to respond to those who seek him.

Do you believe that God cares enough to respond to you?

When I step back God steps up

Where are you seeking so much control?