2019 Church Vision/Theme

Sermons from Pastor Justin

Some Notes

What are you ending? 
What need to end? 
What are you beginning? 
Is that goal attainable? 
What is the timetable? 
What will you do in the first quarter/second quarter etc. 
What can wait until September? 
Who are you watering? 
Who is watering you? 

 We are called to be disciples of Jesus for Jesus with Jesus. 

1 – Be careful this year what you call enemies?
2 – What sin is this enemy comfortable siting in?

What is your sin issue? 
When is the last time you prayed to God about sin?
How much scripture will you memorize this year? 

1 - Intentional and intense prayer

2 - Yearning for a larger appetite 

A gospel conversation is a conversation with a lost/searching person in which we discuss our story in light of God’s story, communicating at least some or all of the Gospel truths.

How to have them 

-This was my life before Jesus
-How did I realize I Needed Jesus
-How did I respond to Jesus
-How has Jesus changed my life


 Who is the one
 Journal this week
 Share the Gospel