The Ending of My Last Dream

Sermons from Pastor Justin

Some Notes

The Death of your Last Dream 

God has called us to be a people of vision. 

Dreaming is lost art. Dreaming and visioning has been lost over the course of time. What has happened is we have dumbed down our dreams to the visions of other people. Who I ca become is not based on who God has celled me to be, based on what I can do better than someone else. 

I’m NOT telling you to stop dreaming. 

I’m not telling you stop having vision. 

I’m challenging you to kill your last dream so you can envision the future. 

What is it that God is still trying to teach you that you aren’t allowing God to teach you because you are waiting for God to answer your last dream?

How dare we think we are more powerful that God. 

How dare put down God at the level of our own talent? 

How dare we put Go down to the level of your own ability? 

How prideful are we when we place God in the boxes of our own insecurity and “dreamscapes” 

The difference between dreams and vision is discernment. 

Its one thing to dream about a job It’s anther to know what God said about that Dream

Dream about a thing…to know what God can do

About a relationship – to know what what God says

About your future – discernment about how God will workin the future

Who are these magi. 

We have three men. Three magi. 

Often they are called the three wise man. We three kings. 

Matthew tells us in the original Greek that they were the three magi. 

They were astrologers and dreamers. They were dreamers. They would line up the stars and based upon the stars they would be able to predict. They were dreamers. They would take the oral and aural stories of the culture. Oral – what was told. Aural – what they read. They would predict he future based on the stars. 

Matthew 2 says that now these stars are lining up to predict a great dream. 

How do we move beyond the last dream with a deeper level of discernment? 

1 – God will use what you are talented at to show you how to use it for the Kingdom. 

God doesn’t have to give you a new gift for the next season, God will use what you are already talented at, already good at! Why, because all fo us are already good at something. All of us have something to offer to our spaces, to our world, to our culture. As God addresses vision in you, God will renew your mind by showing you what you are already talented at and teach you how to use that for his Glory. 

Christianity is the renewal of the mind not removal. 

2 – Vision scares small-minded people. 

Vision scares small-minded people

Vision pushes forward dreamers. 

Light attracts bugs because its warm

Bread attracts fish that weren’t there. 

Want to see who is with what God is doing in your life? Share your vision. 

Passion is not transferrable, it is influential. 

if you burn you ignite others. 

3 – Affirmation cannot be an altar when revelation is your guide. 

Notice the text. The king affirmed them and told them what to do. The magi decided to NOT do what the king said because they realized they didn’t need His affirmation when they saw Jesus. Why? Text tells us later that God told them in a dream. 

I want to set some of you free today. 


Your potential is not dictated by the small minds of people. But it is revealed by the mighty hand of God. 

4 - Vision will always lead you to Jesus

When they left the king the star led them to the manger. 

When they had a dream, it led them to the king. And the king almost destroyed their dream

When they moved with vision, it led them to Jesus. 

Questions to ask yourself

-Will This create space for Jesus to be seen, Freely? 

-Will this continue to build my relationship with Christ? 

-Will this free me from seeing affirmation from people?