Things I Wish I Knew at 21

Our Senior Luncheon group wanted to pour into our next generation and share some things they have learned/wish they knew at 21.  Below is the list! If there is anything you want to add, comment below!

Finish College.
Finish Graduate Level Education.
Ask Questions. Ask.
Push a Little Harder.
Connect with people that are in the field you wish to go into.
Access Colleges.
Take advantage of and in each and every conversation.
Everyone doesn’t need to know all your business.
Don’t ever think anyone is better than you.
Grab Ahold Of Your History - beyond sports and entertainment.
It is Never Ever okay to be called or call someone else the N-word.
Exercise. Seriously. It will change your life and help you live longer.
There are other sports that aren’t Basketball and Football that you can be successful in.
Swim. Learn to Swim.
Computers can make you or break you. Learn how to master them.
No one is expected to give you anything. Work for it.
Your Personality Matters.
Take Chances. 
Mistakes don’t define you. They can refine you. 
Don't be nieve. 
Understand what's going on around you
Watch relationships
Learn and ask others how to handle finances
You're not grown YET. Still listen
Be a homeowner! Save and own a home
Learn another language
Never be ashamed of our history