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I’m hoping to convince you to read the Bible every day this month. And, that each day you pray for yourself and the Church.  31 days in a row. Here are three reasons I think you should: 

1. There’s interesting stuff in the Bible. Don’t ever let someone tell you the Bible is boring. If someone says that, they aren’t reading it right. Noah’s Ark, David and Goliath, Samson and Delilah, wars and conquest, love and marriage, Peter cutting off a soldiers ear, a dead man coming back to life...I could go on and on. There are some incredible stories in the Bible. 

2. The Bible has influenced the world like no other book. The Bible has shaped more than preachers - it’s influenced Presidents and Kings. I know it’s overwhelming, but did you know if you read just 15 minutes a day, you can read the whole Bible in about a year. If you read God’s Word for just 15 minutes a day, I think you will benefit. 

3. Our church is in such an awesome and pivotal moment! As we anticipate our 200th year anniversary, God is working in and through is in a spectacular way.  We will only move forward in prayer. Prayer Together! Will you pray for your church? 

So, where do you start? 

Each day, outside of Sunday, we have given you two scriptures and prayer points. Each two days has a “Change Task” where you can put to the ground what God has been speaking.  We also want to hear from you! E-mail us at GodCan@csbchurch.org and tell us what you are praying for, or what the Lord has said to you! 

So what do you say? Will you give it a try? 

Pastor Justin