We Pray. We Worship. We Serve. We Grow. We Change. 


Congdon Street Baptist Church strives to be a radically authentic community in New England.  We strive to connect and strengthen families, new believers, and those who have walked away from the "Church" and show them the Love of Christ through prayer, worship, generosity, and bible study.  


Congdon Streets Mission is share Christ with those who are far from God, and those who are seeking to strengthen their relationship with God.  We accomplish our mission through radical prayer, authentic worship, intentional community, purposeful service and faithful generosity. 

The Fruit of our mission will be seen in the ever-growing display of transformation in the lives of our members and everyone they encounter


Radical Prayer - Intensely seeking the Lord in every decision (James 4:2-3)
Authentic Worship - Unapologetically representing Christ to the world. (Phil. 1:20) 
Intentional Community - Intentionally cultivating life-giving relationships. (John 13:35) 
Purposeful Service - Radically pursuing what God has next for our Community. (Matt 5:6)
Faithful Generosity - Consistently giving back to God from the heart (Deut. 15:10
Catalyst for Change - Relentlessly transforming our city. (Jer. 29:7)