What's Going On This Year? 


What Are We Reading?

The Book of Joel! What it means to be cleansed in our Minds, Bodies, and Spirits. 

Reading Plan - Click here



Online Discussion
Every morning at 7 am with Pastor Justin on Facebook to study the scripture of the day 

Times of Prayer
Series: Hearing the Voice of God March 7, 14, 21at 6:30 pm
Guest Speaker - Shekinah Fashaw 

Church Open for Prayer
March 14, 21, 28 from Noon to Midnight. 

Senior Revival March 15-16

11:00 am - Engagement
Noon - Worship Service

Women’s Day In
March 17th | 9:00 am - 3:00pm
Church | All women welcome

Married Escape Room
March 24 | 12:30pm
Lock and Clue Escape Room 

Men’s Event    

Young Adults
March 16th

Single Bowling
Location TBA
March 24

Church Night of Worship    
March 23rd | 7:00pm
Guest preacher: Pastor Michael Walrund
Senior Pastor, First Corinthians Baptist Church
Harlem, NY    

Whole30 Fast

We are blessed to have Kristen Bond in our congregation. Click here for some wisdom and RECIPES for the month!

Click here for a 30 day layout for slow cooker meals.