4 Things I wish I knew About God

In October at our 11:00am service we will study the book of Habbakkuk. Context makes a difference in conversation, but also when we read the Bible.

Click Here for a file that explains everything on the book of Habbakkuk.

What does Habbakuk teach us?

Main Scripture - The Just Shall Live By Faith - Hab 2:4

The Big Idea - God is not afraid of our doubts and questions

How Does this fit into God’s Story -
-God’s justice does not always look like what we expect, but He can be trusted.
-Even when circumstances seem chaotic, God Is still in control
-God wants what’s best for us, even if it hurts

How Does this fit into my Story -
-Understanding Everything is not a prerequisite for obedience
-Joy doesn’t come from our circumstances, but from being connected to God
-We want immediate results, but God brings change in the right time and in the right way

5 Ways to memorize Scripture

5 tips on memorizing scripture.

1 - Index cards
Write the scripture down on index cards. You remember more than what you say out loud and repeat. Write it on index cards and keep it with you.

2 - Write it where you will see it
post it cards in the bathroom
post it cards on your fridge
post it cards on your car
Anywhere you will read and engage scripture

3 - Make it personal by adding your name to the verse
Make the prayers of the scriptures personal by adding your personal touch into it. Put your name, your families names, your enemies names. Into the text. It will help memorization.

4 - Find a buddy
Friends make the world go round!!!! Add a friend to it. Challenge yourselves and each other. It will enhance your time as friends and your scripture memorization

5 - Find a memory app to download
Fighter verses
Scripture typer
both apps help you memorize scripture by utilizing your phone or tablet.

5 Commonly asked questions about Tithing

5 Commonly asked questions about Tithing

Ever wonder why Christians collect money during church?

We give because God first gave to us.

God is a giver. He’s the source of all our money, time, resources and belongings. He’s given us these things not so we can hoard them, but so we can wisely manage them. God’s so generous He gave us His best: His son, Jesus (John 3:16).

We Get alot of questions about Giving. Here are the Answers to a few. 

Things I Wish I Knew at 21

Our Senior Luncheon group wanted to pour into our next generation and share some things they have learned/wish they knew at 21.  Below is the list! If there is anything you want to add, comment below!

Finish College.
Finish Graduate Level Education.
Ask Questions. Ask.
Push a Little Harder.
Connect with people that are in the field you wish to go into.
Access Colleges.
Take advantage of and in each and every conversation.
Everyone doesn’t need to know all your business.
Don’t ever think anyone is better than you.
Grab Ahold Of Your History - beyond sports and entertainment.
It is Never Ever okay to be called or call someone else the N-word.
Exercise. Seriously. It will change your life and help you live longer.
There are other sports that aren’t Basketball and Football that you can be successful in.
Swim. Learn to Swim.
Computers can make you or break you. Learn how to master them.
No one is expected to give you anything. Work for it.
Your Personality Matters.
Take Chances. 
Mistakes don’t define you. They can refine you. 
Don't be nieve. 
Understand what's going on around you
Watch relationships
Learn and ask others how to handle finances
You're not grown YET. Still listen
Be a homeowner! Save and own a home
Learn another language
Never be ashamed of our history